Quick Tips for Building a PBN

Now this is something that really needs certain aspects taken care of. Otherwise the whole purpose of building PBN is defeated.

If I see building PBN is to get benefit of some ready SEO juice in the form of existing stong back links of expired domains. So, the whole premise of value remains in the fact that the dropped domains are good for the purpose.

Now what are the metrics or indicators that tell you that the dropped domain is good for your purpose. First of all, if a domain is dropped, that is an indication enough that people did not find very good to pick before it expired. That does not mean that there are not good domains which satisfies the conditions.

Let me quicly tell you what you need to look at for good domain before you purchase.

  • Domain must not be de-indexed or punished. many domains which are punished by Google , are often allowed to expire by the owner. So, beware of such domains; any back link developed from such domain will harm your client’s website.
  • Unless the domain has some authority ( Domain authority), there is no point to purchase such domain. MOZ provides a metrics called DA ( Domain authority) which gives an indication of site’s strength. So, you must look for domains at least DA with 20; higher the better.
  • As per reputation or link strength is concerned, you need to worry abot 2 metrics that give you a correct insight of the links of the domain and they are CF and TF. Citation Flow and Trust Flow are computed real time by Majestic. So, if a domain has high CF, it means it has links from many sites, not necessarily they are from good sites. High means links from many sites. Huge TF means links from high quality sites. So, if the CF is too high and TF is low, means the domain is a spam site with too many poor links but no good links. Links from such domains will hit your client’s web site badly. You should look at domains at least CF with 20+, TF 20+, higher the better. Just keep a note on the ratio, too high CF compared low TF is not good, CF 15, TF 15 is much better than CF 50 and TF 12.
  • Look at the past history of the domains… before the site was dropped, how the domain was used earlier.. it was not misused or used for purposes inconsistent with your client’s business niche etc.

Now, people take this PBN building exercise is pretty easy and make mess of it. The above the minimum few points you need to make sure, are taken care of.

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